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-A Historical Guide To Hipster Racism

-U.S. Nuns Face Vatican Rebuke for “Radical Feminism” in Stances on Church Teachings, Social Justice

-Boy Scouts dismiss gay den mother #cnn

-FEATURE: Angel Haze Has Got Talent and a Whole Lot of Issues

-Tupac’s hologram reflects another milestone in his mythology | Alex Macpherson via @guardian
-I feel like I have been waiting to hear what was said in this: Is hip-hop homophobia at a tipping point?
Michelle Obama ‏.@Beyonce writes a lovely letter to FLOTUShttp://OFA.BO/D4A3JK

-Ann Romney and working moms #cnn

-Democrat’s comment about Ann Romney creates firestorm on Twitter – CNN Political Ticker

-Zimmerman Arrested On Murder Charge In Trayvon Martin Case

-New York Nail Salon Workers Uniting Against Job Abuses

-Religion: A New, More Star-Studded Way to Say a Little Prayer

-Doris Lessing’s Golden Notebook, 50 years on

Hilary Duff News ‏ @HilaryNews Celebs who have taken to Twitter to show off their babies (PHOTOS) Hilary Duff is included in this post, check it out!

-No African-American senators likely in near future

-Elizabeth Catlett dies at 96; among 20th century’s top black artists,0,6304211.story

Hilary Duff News ‏ @HilaryNews Celebrity Baby Scoop: Hilary Duff Shows Off Luca’s Feet We cannot wait to see what a full picture of Luca Cruz.

-Yung Jake Gets Embedded With An Anthem To Virality | The Creators Project

-Howard University Trayvon Martin “Am I Suspicious?” Campaign Video

-Killing of Iraqi Woman Leaves Immigrant Community Shaken:

-Hoodies and Hijabs: The Untold Tragedy of the Muslim Trayvon Martin | Nadia S.B.

 -“If they knew he’d been suspended they’d understand where Zimmerman was coming from.”

“If people saw photos of Martin with his dental accessories, this theory goes, if they knew he was 6’3″, they’d feel differently.”

“Gold front teeth on someone that young signify an adherence to urban/gangsta lifestyle…which is contradictory to the image you wish to portray of [Martin] as a ‘sweet faced angel.'”
-sounds like Trayvon’s mom wants his name trademarked in order to control the merchandise (very reasonable) not to profit #racebaiting

-Shocking Trayvon Martin t-shirt bearing rapper’s crude lyrics go on sale #plies

 -If you only read 1 Trayvon article today read this one: Your Guide to the Idiotic Racist Backlash Against Trayvon Martin
 –Lawmaker wearing hoodie removed from House floor #cnn
-Gay marriage: Marriageworld: Evolution | The Economist #Trayvon #Newt #Minimalism #ShaimaAlawadi #Obama
-Red Carpet Confidential: Hilary Duff Takes a Baby Break
-Hilary Duff | Hilary Duff Admits That She Is ‘Cautious’ Over New Baby | Contactmusic

Hilary Duff ‏ @HilaryDuff Welcome to the World Luca Cruz Comrie! Tuesday evening, we became proud parents of a healthy 7 pound 6 ounce beautiful boy. Retweeted by nicki werner

Brooklyn Museum to Honor ‘First’ Women #tonimorrison #WilmaPearlMankiller #SusanStroman#SandraDayOconnor

 -Bossing Up: Nicki Minaj:
-Article about Minaj when she was on her way to the top: The Curious Case of Nicki Minaj | Out Magazine
-great write-up about the past and current state of Nicki Minaj. Insightful summaries srsly thou, her new song blows
-Quoted: Menda Francois on Nicki Minaj and Feminist Contradictions in Hardcore Female Rap
Why the Racist History of the Charter School Movement Is Never Discussed | Education | AlterNet
-“Whatever conversations occur in wider, public discourse are more concentrated and intense among the young sensitive and idealistic students” Why Are All the Rich Kids Sitting Together on Campus? | | AlterNet
Liberty Plaza Re-Occupied for 6-Month Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street; Police Violently Raid | A..
One Lonely Politician Wants a Rush Limbaugh Statue
Violence Against Women Act divides Senate:
-Got game? Take the Obama Bracket Challenge and see how your picks stack up against the President’s: http://OFA.BO/MsdBn9#BaracksBracket
Retweeted by nicki werner
Obama quietly prepares for fall as Republicans fight #cnn
-Syd tha Kid by Lance Bangs: via@youtube #oddfuture
-RENT (1996 OBC Recording) – “What You Own”: via @youtube

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